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1960s Beach House Transformation!

Look closely at this lovely change!

This vacation property needed a full makeover to transition from its previous life to a peaceful new one.

This home built in 1959, in a quiet neighborhood near the ocean in Pompano Beach, Florida required more than just cosmetic renovations to make it look pleasing and welcoming; it also required space-saving modifications.

We moved the washer and dryer from the kitchen, which took up a lot of space on the previous arrangement. We were able to add more countertop space and storage for kitchen goods as a result of these modifications. We added a dishwasher that was missing before and a large The Galley workstation. All built-in appliances that help this space feel clean and light. We removed the soffit that enclosed the kitchen to create the illusion of a more open layout and to visually connect the social areas.

What was once the linen closet is now home to the washer and dryer. Closer access to the rooms is made possible by the bedroom hallway.

The guest / children's bedroom now has a more functional and roomy built-in closet that runs from side to side and from floor to ceiling. Adding a lot more storage space to this area.

We also removed an awkwardly situated closet in a corner, making the primary or master bedroom feel much larger. We kept the majority of the materials and colors light and cozy. Through the home we mixed beautiful textures from wallpaper, fabrics, tiles, a live moss art piece to the concrete sinks for both bathrooms.

This beach house transformation turned out to be everything you want to feel being by the water: peace, tranquility, and relaxation. There is a combination of neutral tones with pops of shades of blue throughout. With a slight contrast between light and dark tones, there is an overall feel of softness with natural elements and textures as a connection between the exterior and interior. The smooth touches and edges bring in the organic waves of the ocean. Upon completion of this project, the house transformed into a serene, calm, and comforting environment that is perfect to come back to after a full day out by the water.

I hope you like these before and after pictures! To see all the completed pictures visit the project’s tab.

If you are looking to renovate your complete home, kitchen or any other room in your home, make sure to hire a professional that will create a beautiful space, that is also functional, and that meets your lifestyle.

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