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Not for everyone, but very one for anyone?

As I read an article on Emma Stone's kitchen in Domino Magazine, I realized I haven't shared much about some of my favorite traditional design style ranges! Two gems that stole my heart are the absolutely beautiful AGA and La Cornue. We had the pleasure of trying them out at the Middleby Showroom in Dallas, TX last year, where a small group of designers, including Chef Chris Fersch, gathered to test these appliances.

While Chef Chris and his team dazzled us with insights into these beautiful brands and their features, we bonded as a team and made new designer friends from different parts of the country during three days of culinary fun!

Now, let's dive into a bit of history about AGA and La Cornue:


In 1922, Dr. Gustaf Dalén, a Swedish Physicist who had tragically lost his sight, noticed his wife cooking on a range that was dangerous, dirty, and time-consuming. So, he invented the AGA—an appliance that was clean, economical, and easy to use. The AGA found success in 1929 when it made its way to Britain, where it has been cherished ever since.

Over the years, AGA evolved with milestones like the introduction of color options in 1956, the iconic black logo in the 1960s, and innovative models like the 13-amp electric version in 2004. From the AGA Total Control to the 5-oven AGA, the brand continues to impress with its dedication to excellence and customer satisfaction.

La Cornue:

In 1908, Albert Dupuy shook up the culinary world by introducing the first convection oven in Paris. His innovative design, featuring a vaulted ceiling, directed heat around food for precise cooking. Named La Cornue, this oven utilized city gas lines for refinement.

Despite exporting to 250 retailers across 40 countries, La Cornue maintains its craft manufacturer essence with just 60 employees. Each handmade range undergoes intensive labor by specialized workers who consider themselves companions to the product's journey. Their expertise in steel, copper, and brass reflects a commitment to inspired tradition and perfection.

La Cornue's century-long journey has seen the brand build upon Dupuy's convection innovation, expanding designs and maintaining a focus on customer delight. The team, dedicated to engineering, building, refining, testing, and polishing each La Cornue, embodies a spirit of excellence.

Check out some pictures from our showroom visit and the models we tried!

And just before you go tell us what is your favorite style?!

If you're in the market for a standard or custom kitchen renovation, don't hesitate to reach out. We'd love to help transform your kitchen into a space where lasting memories are created.

Here are some of our favorite brands!


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