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Initial Consultation

The initial consultation takes place in your own home / office.

This is a one-on-one meeting, where we discuss your project in depth and learn what your design needs are. We talk about your requirements, budget, style and generally get to know each other so that together we can envision the best design for your home  / office and your lifestyle.
We review the space, get a good idea of the style you would like to go and learn about any special requests that you may have in mind.
This is perfect if you:

  • You want to update your home with new furnishings, accessories, art, light fixtures, etc., and you need help designing and executing the project.

  • ​You are renovating or building a new home and need help with the new layout and the materials, fixtures and finishes selections. We will ensure that the layout meets your needs and that the selections are cohesive and work with the style of home you’re hoping to create.

We can handle the design, procurement and installation for you. 

Please note: 

It’s important that you and your partner are present.  If you have pictures or magazine clips of things you like, please show us.

Think about all the "wishes and likes" you would like to include. This will help us to specify the perfect items or layout for your unique project.

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