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Meet Juan Carlos Amaya, our "cool find" of the week!!!

Juan Carlos is from Bogota, Colombia where he makes beautiful and eccentric art pieces by hand.

His process is a delicate one, where wooden cubes of various sizes, depths, and colors are strategically placed to bring to life his portraits and sceneries.

His piece titled "in the big city" was created in just over 1,100 hours, using 60,000 carefully painted wood cubes, and then masterfully situated to create the end effect.

Some of his portraits are famous actors or personalities however, he is available for custom portraits.

A number of pieces are available right here in Miami.

For sale and viewing, please visit the Nina Torres Fine Art, and the James L Knight International Center.

Feel free to view more of Juan Carlos' work on his Instagram profile listed below.

Interested parties may also contact us directly for more detail and information!

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