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I wanted to get my hands on molas for quite some time and finally was able to visit Panama City, Panama, to find them.

My husband and I traveled to Panama for his cousin’s wedding. We arrived before most of the family with the purpose of walking the old city by ourselves (which we did and had a fabulous time!!). It was so exciting to see such cool colonial architecture, mix of materials and finishes, and nice people.

Walking around Casco Viejo was such pleasure. The city is very clean and organized. Flowers hanging from the balconies add color to the streets, plazas lined with cafes and bars.

We stopped by a pathway where the native women set tables to display and work on their “molas”; incredible textile sewing technique, full of color, geometric and organic shapes, which takes them hours and hours to saw by hand. I got to speak a little with some native Kuna women about their work and the history it represents. They get to share stories, teach us their use for different kinds of plants or simply their way of living with each design. This is another way the women support their families and communities.

Just wanted to share how fun and beautiful is to visit new countries and learn about their culture. I brought some molas with me, I will frame them and possibly have some for sale.

I will make the announcement once they are ready and I hope you visit the store!

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