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Fresh start to the new year, 2017!

It seems our everyday routine is always hectic leaving us almost no time to clean, organize, declutter or just moving around the furniture. 2017 starts on a Saturday giving us better chances to take some time and finally do it!

Give away items you don't use that often to somebody that would appreciate it like new. Keep what you really love and can't live without! If you have not used items for 2 or 3 months, chances are you don't really need them or have a use for them. Add new accessories to give more color to your room, and maybe take chances by choosing vibrant colors

Ask the kids to do a little clean up also. They keep a lot of "treasures" and then forget about them.

Don't take too long doing this and have everybody in your household help.

I wish you and your family have a wonderful new year celebration and a fresh start. Good health, love and respect for each other.

Share your comments or questions if you need help!

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