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That new countertop can revive your kitchen or bath beautifully.

Countertops are the final touch to any kitchen or bath, it seals the design scheme.

Updating your countertops can make an instant visible difference in the look of a room. The material, color and patterns add personality or simply blend into the background to direct the attention to another design element. You choose!

Durability is probably the main question when selecting the material, you would like to use. Some materials require less maintenance than others, and some can be resurfaced while others cannot.

Some of the better known materials are: Quartz, polish granite, laminate, butcher block or wood, marble, honed granite, stainless steels, glass, recycled materials (such as glass, concrete, paper, composite and plastic), concrete, travertine, and tile are the top options at the time.

These materials vary a lot in price, so you should set a budget and check the almost unlimited choices in color and pattern you have! You can mix and match, use one material for the main countertop area, and another on an island or backsplash!

There are some categories you can think of and depending on what style you are inspired, you can play with the finish and installation.

Granite is often referenced as classic and elegant. Butcher block wood, cozy, industrial or country. Quartz, modern and clean. Concrete, industrial and light. Tile, used more often with vintage style. These are to mention a few, but with the help of an expert you will be able to find the perfect match for your style!

Add the perfect finishing touch to your kitchen or bath with a beautiful new countertop.

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