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10 Things You Should Ask Yourself Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

We’ve all been tempted to take a sledgehammer to something in our homes. Before you go all crazy on your kitchen, answer the following questions to see if you are ready for the project:

  • Do you need help?

If you want your home to hold its value, function in the real world and look good at the same time, investing in a pro can be the way to go. Calling in designers and real estate agents may seem like a costly undertaking, but we think earmarking a percentage of your redesign budget is worth it, especially when it comes to lighting.

A designer can help you figure out the correct size, quantity and space required for installation.

  • Do you trust your designer and contractor?

Do you trust your designer and contractor? You need to make sure everybody is on the same page and understand your needs and requirements.

Its not only the looks, but the planning has to work for you.

Ask for references, do your research, take the time to meet the team to make sure you feel comfortable with the process. If you are not comfortable with the person, don’t hire them.

  • Are you staying in this home or will you be moving soon?

Unless you plan to sell your house within the next year or two, any renovation project should be with your personal lifestyle in mind.

You should not consider materials or style because of the current market, if you are not planning to sell anytime soon. And if you are planning to sell, be advised most potential buyers are more concerned with the condition of the roof than the types of counters you have. So, plan a reasonable budget and visualize a up-to-date design, even if is not yours.

  • Are you respecting the home’s architectural integrity?

Make sure your new kitchen materials and appliances flow with the rest of your house, this is very important for resale as well.

  • Is the design of kitchen too trendy?

Keep the new design / layout practical.

For example, open shelving is very trendy right now, but to be honest it does not stay clean and stacked perfectly like you see in the magazines. This creates clutter, dust and not organized.

Design should work with your lifestyle and daily routine.

  • Is your kitchen functional?

Think about all your pots and pans, plates and cutlery, serving platters and utensils, small appliances and garbage can. Everything should have its own place. This should help your kitchen to look organized and when you are cooking should be easy access to every item.

  • Are you maximizing the space?

Avoid dead spaces between ceiling and cabinetry or in the corners. Having dead spaces create clutter and stores dust. Filling in spaces will make the room look bigger.

  • Are you saving on cabinetry?

Putting in cheap cabinetry is not the way to go. Cabinetry should be one of the main investments in a kitchen even it’s a rental property.

You won’t have to replace or fix these so often if you use good materials from the beginning.

  • Do you really need the pro appliances?

Unless you are a serious chef, you don’t need the the pro appliances and can spend your money on other gadgets in your kitchen, such as storage accessories, or lacquered cabinetry or a little more expensive hardware.

  • Are you playing it too safe?

Unless you're selling your home soon, don't be afraid to work with color and personality. Kitchens should be full of flavor and not everything needs to match.

Hardware, faucets and lighting do not need to be in all of the same finish, mixing materials and textures can create warmth and interest.

After all, the party always ends up in the kitchen. Have fun with it!

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