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AIA 2017 Conference last week!

These past weeks have been a little busy, but now I finally got the change to sit and share with you!

First, I need to let you know a little secret... I am an Interior Designer by education, and profession. It has always been my passion to be able to turn a vision into something you can touch. So, whatever I can learn from other professions or professionals related to mine are a great treasure!

Last week the AIA 2017 Conference on Architecture was held at the Orlando convention center. I was very lucky to get the chance to attend for a few days.

You wouldn’t believe my excitement when I registered to be part of Michelle Obama's conversation with AIA President Thomas Vonier, FAIA. She walked into the room and you could feel the great energy from everybody! “Its good to get out of the house.” She told Vonier.

She talked about the changes about returning to the private life. Funny how at their home now, they get to enjoy the windows wide open, without being yelled at by the secret service. :)

Obama mentioned, how she has enjoyed working with this team, since “they understand what buildings mean in the lifeblood of a community.” The Obamas have spent some time looking at drawings and working, alongside architects Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, to plan the Barack Obama Presidential Center on the South Side of Chicago.

“You can’t be an architect if you don’t know architects exist,” she said, calling on the audience to mentor children as a means to raise up the next, more diverse generation of architects and designers in a profession where young people of color lack role models. The same applies for empowering women in the workplace, according to Obama. “You need more women who are going to push if they have the leverage,” said the former FLOTUS. “Not everyone has the leverage, so you have to push for the women who don’t.” - excerpt from architectural record.

AIA 2017 Michelle Obama

Moments before Michelle Obama walked in to the room, the late architect Paul Revere Williams was honored with the prestigious Gold Medal, marking the first time an African-American has received the award since its establishment in 1947. And it was so cool to learn about his life, work and the legacy that will stay with us for decades.

Once I was done with Michelle Obama interview I headed out to the other venue where the companies had their displays. I am speechless by all the new application for building structures, facades, windows, stairs, flooring and wall cladding materials, lighting, public seating, etc.

In the pictures below I am sharing with you some of the favorites I got to see and that I was not so shy to take a picture of..

Some of the pictures describe in general what they are; make sure you click on the image to learn more.

Happy Friday and enjoy!


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