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Lotti Haeger Design and Blu Ink Interiors are joining forces in the US!

We are very excited to share great news!!!

Blu Ink Interiors will be representing Lotti Haeger Design in the US.

Lotti Haeger moved from her native Sweden to Colombia, where her experience as an art director for film, TV, theater and venue design have inspired her to create the beautiful "Asita", her first fabric and wallpaper collection, and now she is launching her new "Monica | Europe meet Colombia" collection.

"The exaltation of Lotti's colors paired in a very harmonious way with her patterns, make each item an unique piece. The collection exalts the luxury of a country's vegetation, color and form."

These designs are vibrant, colorful and fun. Color combinations and patterns sizes are customizable, which is one of my favorite features.

The website allows you to explore sizes and possible color combinations, and you can preview instantly.

Feel free to contact us for any information!

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