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Lego House

LEGO® House offers creative experiences for all with and without a ticket. With a ticket, you'll get access to the six Experience Zones. You can start your journey at the Epic Stairs by the Tree of Creativity. Enter the Masterpiece Gallery and find inspiration for endless building possibilities! Then move on to our four colour-coded Experience Zones where kids of ALL ages can learn through play:

Red Zone: spontaneous creativity and free-building, Green Zone: roleplay with your own characters and stories, Blue Zone: put your cognitive skills to the test, Yellow Zone: play with emotions. End your experience in History Collection where you follow the timeline through LEGO history.

Without a ticket, you can visit LEGO Square, play on the playgrounds on our nine rooftop terraces, explore LEGO Store, and get tasty food experiences with a creative LEGO twist at one of the three restaurants.

The building was constructed with 21 white bricks stacked on top of one other, crowned by an oversized 2×4 LEGO block named the ‘keystone’. the enormous bricks create space for indoor activities, while simultaneously providing sheltered public space. filled with 25 million LEGO bricks, the 12,000 square meter building contains a series of ‘experience zones’, comprising two exhibition areas and four color-coded play areas that each symbolize a special aspect of play and learning. red encourages creative skills, blue fosters cognitive skills, green for social skills, and yellow for emotional skill development. The ground level includes a store, three restaurants, conference facilities, and a 2,000 square meter public square.the company’s story will be told in the history collection located in the basement, while the masterpiece gallery — which includes fun creations — will be located at the uppermost level. non-paying guests are able to walk to the top of the building to enjoy views from the outdoor terraces.

‘with LEGO house, we celebrate creativity and the strength of learning through play,’ continues LEGO owner, kjeld kirk kristiansen. ‘when they play, children learn the basic skills that they need, such as creativity, collaboration and problem-solving abilities. with LEGO bricks, you can express yourself creatively and make anything imaginable. the possibilities are endless, and nowhere else in the world can you experience it in the same way as in LEGO house.’ ‘all activities in the house are related to our LEGO philosophy that learning through play promotes innovation and creativity,’ says jesper vilstrup, lego house CEO. ‘play runs through the LEGO group’s DNA, and it is really brought to life in LEGO house. everything from experience zones and outdoor areas to our restaurant concepts is based on play and creativity, so no matter what you do in LEGO house, it will have something to do with playing.’ due to current space restrictions, potential visitors must book their trip in advance via the official website.

LEGO House is one of the main family attractions in Southern Denmark, with fun activities for children and adults of all ages.

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