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Finishing Touches | Krownlab

Krownlab partnered up with Harkavy Furniture for their new modern collection. Both companies based in Portland, Oregon.

"Lead by brothers Dylan and Wesley, Harkavy is dedicated to creating the highest quality handmade furniture with a rigorous attention to detail. The Pacific Northwest is a unique place that has inspired countless arts, designers, builders and masters of every craft. Dylan and Wesley grew up here and pursued studies in fine arts and architecture, and their designs are shaped by this background."

As Dylan explains, selecting hardware is a major step in their process: “The Buxton was designed to be a one piece office solution, functioning both as a desk and a credenza. From its function to its form, we wanted every aspect of the Buxton to be beautiful and clean. This desire led us to partnering with Krownlab. We were drawn to their stunning design, unparalleled quality, and fine attention to detail. Kor was exactly what we needed for the project.”

In the coming months, look for Krownlab’s full line of new modern furniture hardware and more additions to the Harkavy modern collection.

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