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I want to introduce to you, this couple. I have known them personally for more than I can remember! Consta & Nandy have been my mom's friends for quite some time. Constanza Chabur and Hernando Hoyos, partnered up in life and in passion for art. They attitude radiates such love you can feel it in every piece they produce. Both have been creating pieces individually and together in Colombia over 18 years.

Every piece is unique and will never be replicated.

This technique can be used for different decorative purposes; such as, kitchen and bath backsplash, shower walls and floors, floors, swimming pools, benches, tables, planters, etc,,,

"My work is inspired by the "Opus Tessellatum" ancient Greek technique for fragile and fragmentary mosaic, created from ceramic pieces, as introduced by the Catalan aesthetic tradition. In the context of my creations, I have been interested in fusing this technique with clay supports produced in some towns in Colombia, with a ceramic tradition, such as Raquira, Boyacá.

I create my own color palettes, baking the tiles that I use to create and layer my pieces. The gradation and the geometrization of the designs, arranged in the manner of a puzzle, has allowed me to inscribe a personal imprint, which brings coherence and identity to the creations of the workshop. Each piece condenses aesthetic values, technical developments and sensory experiences that are culturally transmissible and go beyond the mere utilitarian character to which objects could be reduced."


2011 La Cuadra Talleres Abiertos, Pereira - Colombia

2012 Centro Colombo Americano, Pereira - Colombia

2013 Centro Colombo Americano, Manizales - Colombia

2017 Muro Líquido, Centro Comercial Pereira Plaza, Pereira - Colombia

2017 Centro Colombo Americano, Pereira - Colombia


2000 Mural Casa Ramírez (mosaico 12 mt2), Pereira - Colombia

2001 Mural Casa Mejía Peláez (mosaico 20 mt2), Pereira - Colombia

2002 Mural Iglesia de los Dolores (mosaico 50 mt2), Pereira - Colombia

2003 Banca casa Bassile García (mosaico 16 mt2), Bogotá - Colombia

2004 Mural Casa Ángel Chujfi (mosaico 30 mt2), Pereira - Colombia

Mural Centro Colombo Americano (mosaico 40 mt2), Pereira - Colombia

Mural Casa Hoyos Baena (mosaico 24 mt2), Pereira - Colombia

2005 Mural Casa Ratner (mosaico 8 mt2), Bogotá - Colombia

Mural Casa Armel (mosaico 6 mt2), Pereira - Colombia

2006 Mural Finca Castilla (mosaico 12 mt2), Montenegro - Colombia

Piscina Hoyos Gil (mosaico 10 mt2), Pereira - Colombia

2009 Muraes La Casa del Mango (mosaico 60 mt2), Cartagena - Colombia

Murales Isla el Embrujo (mosaico 3 mt2), Islas de San Bernardo - Colombia

Esculturas en Mosaico Fundación Lágrimas Cálidas (mosaico 9 mt2), Bogotá - Colombia

2010 Escultura Familia Isa (mosaico 2 mt2), Pereira - Colombia

Jacuzzi Casa Cano (mosaico 10,63 mt2), Pereira - Colombia

Fuente Familia Zuluaga (mosaico 7,50 mt2), Ríonegro - Colombia

Murales Casa Restrepo (mosaico 14 mt2), La Tebaida - Colombia

Murales Casa Betancur (mosaico 14 mt2), Armenia - Colombia

2011 Mural Casa Hoyos Chabur (mosaico 6 mt2), Pereira - Colombia

Murales en Chilbi (mosaico 24 mt2), Tumaco - Colombia

2012 Mural Hacienda La Palmera (mosaico 4 mt2), Salento - Colombia

2014 Mural Casa Anzola García (mosaico 6 mt2), Bogotá - Colombia

Piscina García Chabur (mosaico 88 mt2), Ibague - Colombia

These pieces are made to order and will be available here in the US.

If you are interested in more information, please call or email us. We would love to tell you more about it.

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