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Xavier Veilhanis

Xavier Veilhanis known for his bold and fascinating contemporary sculptures. His work includes photography, sculpture, film, painting and installation art.

“My approach to shows, in general, is not to produce piece but to produce an experience of the show in the viewer’s mind. My starting point is the feeling of the memory that the viewer will have more than the actual object.” The placement of each sculpture complements and alter the architecture surrounding them.

Recently named winner of the Vårberg Art Competition by Stockholm Konst, August 31, 2018

Xavier Veilhan's project "Vårbergs Jättar" ("The Vårberg Giants") has been selected by a jury as the winning proposal for the Vårberg Art Competition organized by Stockholm Konst and the Stockholm City Executive Office. The site-specific sculptures, which are due to be completed by autumn 2020, will be erected in Stråkparken and Pelousen in the borough of Vårberg, a southwest suburb of Stockholm, Sweden. The project aims not only to be a visually striking contribution to the area, but also aspires to become an anchored landmark, providing a natural meeting place within Vårberg, allowing the sculptures to evolve beyond the intentions of the artist.

The team: Xavier Veilhan: conception Alexis Bertrand: scenography A et cetera / It's OK: production Cuesta: social activation Vincent Germond / Martina Tapia: 3D imagery To learn more about Xavier Veilhanis please go to:

"Vårbergs Jättar" (2018) 3D image © Vincent Germond © Veilhan / ADAGP, Paris, 2018 Courtesy Stockholm Konst & Andréhn-Schiptjenko

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