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4 things to think about before a kitchen or bath consultation with us.

Two of the top questions asked from our kitchen and bath renovation clients before they book the consultation are:

1. If we don't move forward with the project did we loose the investment on the consultation?

Our answer is always no, you do not. In this consultations we discus in detail your existing kitchen, the issues or flaws that the existing layout presents, you tell us what would you like to have, accessories to add, you give us a general vision or wish list for the space and we share solutions right there. After, on our formal proposal and presentation we give and initial solution for everything that was discussed on that initial consultation.

2. What do I need to consider before meet?

When considering a kitchen or bathroom renovation it is very important to know the issues you would like to resolve, how you need your new space to function and have an idea of what you would like to end result look like.

So here are our 4 things to think about, before we meet:

  1. Make a wish list: Look through our website, magazines or pinterest for design images and make a list of the pros and cons of your current space.

  2. What you don't like about your current kitchen? Determining what problems occur in your current kitchen and knowing what features you want to include help us to create a space that will ultimately be more functional for you. We want to make sure your new kitchen is functional and efficient as possible, while looking stylish and pretty.

  3. Research about appliances: Appliance shopping is also something that should be done before meeting with a design consultant if you are going to be purchasing new appliances. This does not mean you have to purchase your appliances, but it is important to have a look around to see what you like, do not like, and what you would want to incorporate into your space. The amount of space your appliances are going to require plays a huge part in configuring your kitchen design.

  4. Think about the amount you would like to invest and what would be the maximum amount you could spend: We have a wide range of product selections and we want to make sure we show you the design solutions, products, finishes and accessories that not only suite your space the best but also, your budget. Many of our design options and features are available at various price points. We are here to help determine how you can achieve your dream kitchen within your budget.

Feel free to call to ask any questions and book your consultation to talk about your project. We love to help our clients transform living spaces into functional and beautiful spaces!

To book now follow this link.


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