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Built-in Filtered Water Dispenser

Hi there!

Hope you and your family are doing great during these challenging times.

As we spend more time together at home, we have time to find the things we know don't work in it.

For example; The circulation on the kitchen doesn't work, now that we have multiple people trying to be in the same room, we bump into each other. We would like better storage solutions or would like to minimize "the mess" on the countertop; etc... and doing research for a project, we found this built-in water dispenser from Elkay.

They offer residential and commercial versions and we fell in love! Since we are all about utilizing every inch in the spaces we design.

We are very excited to share, because it is a great option to consider! Here are some pictures from and general information about them.

What we found cool about it?

  • Sleek design in white or black

  • Total Depth is 5 1/4" (1-1/4" Proud of wall)

  • Capacity 750 Gallons (per filter)

  • NSF-Certified filter that reduces lead and other harmful contaminants from water

  • USA built

  • Fits between studs

  • Install in new construction or existing homes.

  • Easy to install, although professional installation is strongly recommended. (Needs to be near electric and water)

  • No more disposable plastic waste!

If at home, where would you probably install it?

Kitchen, Butler’s pantry Hallway, Master bedroom suite Family room, Home gym, Bar or entertaining area Sunroom, Home office.

Seamless Design:

Install a stylish, eco-friendly filtered water dispenser in convenient areas of your home or business. Place anywhere near a water line and electrical. In homes, install in mudrooms, recreation rooms, playrooms and even in a second-floor hallway. Ideal for commercial spaces such as lobbies, conference rooms and lunch rooms. Designed for new construction or remodels.

Fun and Convenient:

Self-serve design allows people to help themselves to refreshing water, at home or in commercial spaces in a sustainable way.

Fresh, Filtered Water:

Long-lasting filter is NSF certified to put cleaner, healthier water within reach by reducing lead and other harmful contaminants. Filters with lead-reduction capabilities are not standard and are rarely found on refrigerators with water dispensers. Water purchased in plastic bottles is susceptible to chemical leaching over time, altering the taste. Stainless filter box and remote filter are included and optional for install.

Filter Status Lights:

Colorful lights indicate when the filter needs to be changed, so users always know they are drinking filtered water. Residential models have a 750-gallon filter. Commercial models have a 3,000-gallon filter.

Chic Styling:

Sleek glass front with brushed stainless steel alcove looks great in any room. Intuitive alcove lighting brightens when dispensing water. Brushed stainless steel filter box is included with select models.

Sensor Activated:

Hands-free filling with automatic timed shut off to help prevent accidental spills and messes.

Safety Lock:

Optional setting prevents unsupervised use. Idea for homes or commercial spaces where children are present.

Bottles Saved:

Backlit LED Green Ticker™ counts the number of 20 oz. disposable single-use plastic bottles served without the plastic bottle waste.

Book your consultation if you would like us to help you plan for one of these in your home or office!

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