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It’s been a couple of days since we came back from KBIS, but i didn’t want to miss the opportunity to share our wonderful experience!

As a board member of our NKBA South Florida Chapter we are invited (required 🤓) to a full day of training meeting with other chair members from all around the country. We off course have a great time, but most importantly is that we learn and share our experiences and knowledge with them to be able to probably apply it in our chapter for the benefit of all our members.

My report in general: NKBA | KBIS has a new logo, new brand colors and a lot new energy for this year.

The certification process has changed and there will be a new study program that will guide us through the information easily. the new website is designed to be more user friendly, and responsive; although everything is a process and they continue to work on it.

For our chapter, we are planning better and very exciting events for the year. More and more members are coming back to the meetings and we see a nice growth ahead. We have really interesting CEU’s, fun and interesting events, that if you are in the industry shouldn’t miss!

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Now, as an interior designer my experience making my way through the booths, meeting manufacturers, vendors, representatives for our area, other designers and trade professionals was far more interesting this time than last year.

#KBIS2023 came all full on bigger and better. I loved getting the first peeks for new trends, new materials, textures, learning about our favorite brand’s design process, manufacture purpose, sustainability and the impact these new products will have in the future of our projects and our communities.

Attending KBIS is an easy way to get a closer look and feel to learn about new and better ways to improve the quality and benefits of our projects by specifying products and materials that will not only make homes more beautiful but more efficient, visitable and sustainable. This is one of the very reasons why I joined the NKBA community.

In terms of new trends; we saw a lot of earthy and warm colors, pastels toilets and sinks!!! Textures and more textures on bathtubs and sinks, bright colors and custom options on appliances. Color changing lighting fixtures, steam and aromatherapy systems for showers, beautiful plumbing fixtures with really nice features (gadgets) and finishes.

Here are just some of my highlights!


Go here for official NKBA | KBIS 2023 Highlights (45:00)

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