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Master Bathroom Renovation for Bachelor!

This master bath transformation included the expansion of the master closet, straight angles and a total style update.

How did we accoplish this? We relocated the laundry room, which was located on the bottom left of the bathroom (looking to the first image below - 3D Floor Plan)

The master closet had a good size; we made it not only bigger but better distributed, where the client could divide into His and Hers if needed.

We added more lighting with recessed fixtures and LED mirrors; one for the vanity and one in the closet, trying to keep it clean and not too crowded. We designed a bigger shower with a nice bench by the window and a large niche for extra storage.

The finishes selected were taking in consieration that this is a young guy looking for a clean, modern space without going too masculine. We are happy to say that our client loved it and we did too!

Check out the video to see the before and after trasnformation!

To see all the completed pictures visit the project's tab

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