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Our Highlights from NKBA - KBIS 2022

Oh Wow!

I would like to first say this is my first time attending KBIS and I think is was totally worth my time. I have been meaning to attend for years, but life and work sometimes get in the middle of our “wants” and I just didn’t seem to find a good time to “leave work”. Anyways. This year I HAD TO! Not only i like to learn and discover new products to offer to our clients, but as Membership Chair for the NKBA South Florida Chapter there was no way i could miss the opportunity to learn more about the Kitchen and Bath community.

Day one for board members started early with training and awards recognizing the great work accomplished by some chapters. The Southwest Florida Chapter was officially recognized as a new chapter, which divided a section of the South Florida Chapter to better reach members closer to that location; we had great conversations with our peers, and listened to very inspiring and interesting speakers. in the next months we will try to implement new processes and ways to improve our business and chapter.

Even though the attendance for the show was not at all like a regular year, i believe the numbers were close to 60k people registered to attend. Some of the bigger vendors were not there, but other recognizable brands made a great appearance. Day two and three took a lot of walking and talking... We were able to visit all the vendors we had plan to, from appliances, plumbing, hardware, finishes and lighting i was very pleased to meet with our local reps and learn about new products, lead times and new trends.

Here is a quick video with some of our highlights from the show!

I hope you enjoy and please feel free to call or email if you are in the market to renovate a single room or your complete home!


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