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Storage accessories for your existing kitchen

Sometimes there is no need to tear down the complete kitchen to make it work. Sometimes the cabinets are in good condition and with just a little of TLC, they can store extra tools.

Below you will find the accessories that we have been adding lately to our kitchen projects.These accessories come in different wood tones, plastic and stainless steel. They are easy to install if you are a DIYer, or your trusted handyman can help by following the instructions. If you are a local customer, we can install them for you, just contact us to inquire about that.

These accessories will make the existing cabinets look more organized and who knows, you might end up with extra space inside your cabinets! :)

These are some you can add to the base cabinets...

These are good combinations for your drawers

And if you would like to use the complete countertop, these are pretty cool too.

Make the profile as long as you would like and add as many as you can fit.

Hope you find these useful.

If you need any help selecting or to figure out what accessories or how to make them work, contact us.


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