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The “DeTuscanized” project!

Wow! You will not believe this transformation…

Last year we met with our client, she booked an initial consultation for her kitchen. After she did the booking online, we talked on the phone; we explained our process and we wanted to learn more about her project.

As usual for initial consultations, a couple of days after our call we met at the client’s house. Once we get there my first impressions, were: great high ceilings, lots of natural light, beautiful water view from 2 sides of the house (the main social area, most bedrooms and the family room) 13,000 sqft, two story house, completely Tuscan style, stone columns, moldings, arches and heavy decor. Not very much our style and luckily, not our client’s either.

But this was an interesting challenge we were ready to tackle!

Now what? Our clients are a young couple with 6 kids (honestly the nicest kids i have ever met!) they had just purchased this big house with tons of potential and needed big help to make it their home.

Our plan was to “De-Tuscanize” this house and make it their own style. How did we accomplish this? We walked around the house together, listening to our client’s likes and dislikes. Paying close attention to the architecture and the existing features that we could keep or remove.

We respected the architecture of the home, worked around the main features, minimized some textures and removed the heavy colors in the ceilings and millwork in some areas. We added lighter colors to the walls, furniture and accessories, added contemporary and elegant lighting fixtures, softer textures, clean lines and invited the natural light to bring the warmth inside.

You will notice the one room, where we got to be more bold and fun!

I hope you like these quick before and after pictures! They are jaw dropping!

To see all the completed pictures visit the project's tab


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