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Upgrades that will make your kitchen infinitely more awesome

  • Impact with colorful furniture and accessories

Kitchens with neutral color schemes can get a big energy boost from a few pieces of vibrantly colorful furniture and accessories. Don’t get afraid to add color or textures and make a striking and stylish statement in the kitchen.

  • Update with stainless steel

To give your kitchen a more contemporary look, you could also consider a stainless steel island or countertops. this is a minimalist and smooth finish, in addition to functional, heat resistant and easy to clean an maintain.

  • Introduce color with a backsplash

You can add personality, elegance, and a perfect touch of color with your backsplash.

  • Unify your color palette with pastel paint

Create a cozy and tranquil kitchen, without spending too much by choosing your favorite pastel color and using it on walls, cupboards and small accessories.

  • Add texture with shiplap walls

If you are into coastal or industrial feel, this is a great way to add some charm to the kitchen. While shiplap wood paneling is found often laid horizontally, the boards can also run vertically for a customized appearance that draws the eye upward.

  • Don’t put everything away

Let a precious collection actually shine by displaying it on an open shelving

  • Get dazzling with a reflective finish

There’s something magical about the sparkle of a wall finished with a shine! Adding acrylic, lacquer, a few coats of varnish or some high-gloss paint will help change the mood. Usually, the light bounces off a reflective finish, it makes it look more stylish.

  • Draw attention to your floors

Bring a somewhat plain-looking kitchen to life by changing new tile, adding fresh coat of paint, laminate, or even area rugs to draw all the attention to the floors.

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